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Stories & Testimonials:

"When you think of hospice you would never imagine the kind of care accord gives to a patient and their family. Julie and the "gang"were unbelievable. They were at our door in a heart beat to help with whatever they could to make my husband comfortable. Thank you again."


“My words cannot adequately express the feelings that I have in my heart for all the loving care that you provided for my mom and dad these past few months. Everyone that I came in touch with was so understanding, caring, and loving. What a blessing for my mom to leave this world surrounded by your love.”


“For caring for him and about him and for giving him his dignity and keeping him safe and secure for consoling his daughter and helping her through, and for loving him and all the people in your care who are all of our Moms and Dads and grandparents and some day all of us too. Thank you.”


“Just wanted to thank you for all your kind words and deeds throughout the last weeks of my mother’s life on Earth! Carole Frank’s thoughtful support helped eliminate much of the guilt that may go along with the decision making process during this time. She really helped me evaluate and decide with more confidence and move forward. For that I will be eternally grateful.”


“As a family, we’ve wondered many times over the past 7 weeks what we would have done, had Accord Hospice not been there for our Mom and us. She came to know and trust Julie, ‘our’ nurse: kind, caring, compassionate, and informative- an excellent human being all around. Vicki, ‘our’ CNA, was just this incredible person, again kind, caring, compassionate, and just had that something that made us all feel comfortable as she provided our Mom with personal care. Our mom liked them very much. She told us so.”

Rita and Jerry

“On behalf of my mother, I want to thank you for the care and understanding you gave to her. You allowed her to continue to make her own decisions, to respect her choices, and you had the insight to step back when necessary.”


“For many years I have been an advocate for Hospice care. Having now been a recipient of such care, I am even more dedicated to hospice and all that it stands for.”


“I knew my Mother was in good hands, the minute Hospice stepped into this house. I had to write to tell you how wonderful your entire staff was to us. I support Hospice so much and can’t express how wonderful your organization is, and it’s all because of the outstanding experience your staff showed me. You all had done such a wonderful job from start to finish! With the loss of my mother I have been feeling a huge empty spot in my heart/life because I do miss her so much. But the other empty spot is that I really miss not seeing your staff here every week in this house.”


“You made everything so easy that I did not have to really think about the end of life paperwork, dealing with the coroner, etc. You did it all. Whenever we needed anything (medicine, equipment, etc.) it was here before the night was out. You guys are awesome.”


“Thank you all for your care during Dad’s illness. We all felt your comfort as you walked along side us during this unfamiliar path.”

The Family

“To the entire staff at Hospice- How can we begin to thank you for helping us travel a journey that was so uncertain- From the first day; you made us feel that we could call you at any time and you would never think we were overreacting and each of you that came to Mary’s house showed love and caring beyond words.”


“I came to Accord because I love working with people and have always wanted to work in an environment with people who genuinely care about people. I thought what better environment than one with those who love what they do. I think the CNAs and nurses, social workers, etc. are all angels.”


“We are so thankful for the time that the Hope’s Friends’ team shared with us and our son Aiden. They were there every day. We can’t thank them enough.”


“They’ve all been wonderful to my son and to our family. They’ve supported us when our lives were turned upside down.”


“They came home from the hospital with us, taught us how to use all the equipment, and to enjoy each day. They were here with us when we needed them most.”


“I just love what I do. ..that I can be of help for patients and their families going through this difficult time in their lives. I try to do whatever I can to make them comfortable and put them at ease.”

Kenneth, M.D.

“We’ve had some pretty cool patients. I feel so privileged to be a part of this journey with my patients, and I’ve gotten more from them than I ever could have given to them. The life lessons learned…the laughter, the tears, the joy, the strength…it’s all amazing.”

Vicki, Certified Nursing Assistant

“I came to Accord because I knew that working in development for an agency that provides hospice and palliative care would be rewarding and in an area close to my heart. I am inspired by not only the nursing and clinical staff at the agency, but also by its founders, volunteers, office personnel and executive leadership because of their true commitment to helping individuals have compassionate care and quality of life.”

Marina, Senior Development Officer

“A person’s end-of-life experience is an important part of life. I am privileged to care for so many individuals and their families during that time of life. The moments are sacred and special.”

Angie, Patient Services Coordinator

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