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We cannot add days to your life…
but we can add life to your days

Hospice services are designed to provide support to patients, their families and loved ones wherever they reside. This can be the home, long term care facility, assisted living, residential care facility, or hospital. The goal is to maximize quality of life while providing for a peaceful death. An individual plan of care is developed utilizing team members as follows:
Medical Directors:  work in conjunction with the patient’s physician to provide pain and symptom management.

RN Case Managers: coordinate care to educate, provide symptom management, comfort & support.

Social Workers: help the family understand and cope with the related emotional and/or financial stress and provide counseling.

Chaplains offer spiritual support for patients and their families.
Volunteers: provide a variety of care such as companionship, support, running errands and offering temporary relief to the family.

Certified Nursing Assistants: provide for personal care needs such as bathing, taking vital signs, observing condition of the skin, and other daily basic care needs.

Massage and Music Therapy: available upon request
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